All Kidz was started following a crisis in the Oklahoma Child Welfare system.  There are currently over 12,000 youth in foster care in Oklahoma. Foster families are provided a small stipend to care for the children in their home which is meant to cover the most basic needs, like food, shelter, and safety.  Childhood experiences like musical or dance lessons, sporting activities, and martial arts help promote social skills, emotional regulation and self-confidence.  All Kidz strives to encourage these skills for children in foster care by sponsoring enrichment activities and granting resources that help kids maintain connections and build relationships.  



Board of Directors

Libby Boyles,  Chair

Angels Foster Family Network OKC

Oklahoma City, OK


Katherine Vanlandingham,  Vice Chair

Full Sail Capital

Oklahoma City, OK


Megan Brister, Board Secretary

Oklahoma Health Care Authority

Edmond, OK





Ryan Boyles, Treasurer

American Previous Metals Exchange

Oklahoma City, OK


Alex Lobodiak, Fundraising Chair


Oklahoma City, OK


Jennifer Yowell, Community Committee

Jennifer Yowell Adoption Attorney

Oklahoma City, OK

To express interest in a board position please email us at info@allkidz.org