New Requests and Upcoming Events

The requests have been pouring in as foster families prepare for spring and summer activities for the little ones in their homes. We appreciate all of the families who recognize the importance of their children receiving this type of enrichment. Are you curious why we encourage sports and music so much? This is a great article by Livestrong about the many benefits of extracurricular activities.

This week our board approved dance and cheer leading lessons for two young children in foster care. We believe that every kid should have the opportunity to participate in these important activities.

All Kidz will also be hosting a family movie night during spring break at the Paramount OKC. The event is free for the entire foster family and everyone will receive popcorn, a drink, and a small sweet treat. We'll have the whole theater rented out so bring the whole family ! Details will follow and will be posted on our facebook page. Do you follow us on facebook and twitter? It's the fastest way to learn about upcoming events.

Young Ballet Dancer

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